Do you provide high school programs?

Meadow Montessori School Programs.No, we do not provide high school programs. We offer year-round, daily classes for infants up to 6-year-old children. Before and after school enrichment activities are available for 5 to 12-year-olds.

Education and Activities for Infants to Pre-Teens

Meadow Montessori School classrooms are prepared to meet the educational needs of and encourage learning among various age groups. Our care and activities meet the needs of children from the time that they are infants to right before high school.

Meadow Montessori School Classrooms

Children benefit from Meadow Montessori’s curriculum that supports language and math abilities, cultural studies, sensorial activities and practical life exercises. Our classrooms are allocated into the following developmental stages:

  • Infants (from two months to one year old)
  • Toddlers (from one year to three years old)
  • Preschoolers (from three years to five years old)
  • Kindergartners (from five years to six years old)

Meadow Montessori After-School Programs

The Meadow Montessori School after-school program provides a variety of activities for children of all ages up to age 12. Don’t consider us another daycare in Richmond, Texas. We offer proven formative activity for children that they also happen to find fun! Our after-school programs include:

  • Pick-up from school
  • Homework assistance
  • Sports
  • Computer-related activities
  • A full library
  • Music
  • Art
  • Snacks
  • And more!

Meadow Montessori School Prepares Children for Higher Education

Meadow Montessori School provides infants, toddlers, and young students with the skills they will need to succeed in higher levels of education and in life. Each of our teachers is highly qualified to guide children in Montessori philosophy and methodology. Our Montessori programs help develop independence, self-motivation, critical thinking skills, and a lifelong love of learning. Contact us today for more information!